Susan Davis Price
The Cottage Gardener

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Welcome to my new garden site and thanks for stopping in. A transplanted Southerner, I've lived and gardened in Minnesota for over 25 years. Long winters, short summers make gardening challenging here, I'll admit.  Still the sight of ripening cherries and blossoming peonies, the perfume of lilacs and old roses, and the taste of ripe tomatoes and crisp apples are fine compensations. Every spring I make my peace with this cold climate.

British gardens, garden history, in fact, all things horticultural, are dear to my heart. How fortunate that I get to write and lecture about my favorite topics.  Because I believe gardens are not only beautiful but therapeutic, I spend as much time outdoors as possible. My own cottage garden is well loved but not always tidy.

CONTACT: 651-645-7291
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